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ইতিমধ্যে চচিয়েল মেডিয়াত খলকনি লগোৱা #নিচা ধাৰাবাহিকৰ হিট খণ্ডটি👌 সচাকৈ ড্ৰাগছ বন্ধ হব লাগে।

👉A weekly weekly web-series ……
👉About:- In modern day life style your child is very much involve in amusements, as a result he or she use to indulge in some either liquid or solid drugs which in progress become a problem for you which you cant escape. So only this series of video are created to aware you and your child from this hazardous drugs that kills the society as a whole 🙏🙏 👉Broadcasting weekly from 21/08/20 on every Friday 👉CONCEPT & STORY :- DR. AZIMUDDIN AHMED 👉CINEMATOGRAPHY :- RAJU DEKA 👉PRODUCER:-. DR. AZIMUDDIN AHMED 👉STARRING :- DR. AZIMUDDIN AHMED , RAJU DEKA, NILAKHI , NIKUMONI, MOJA AHMED, NIPU MARTIN, MAJNUR AHMED, YASMIN SULTANA, NARESWAR KALITA, MAJNUR ALI, DIGANTA DEKA AND NURUL HAQUE

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