Home remedy for Gastritis and acidity…..

Home remedy for Gastritis and acidity:-

#what is gastritis and acidity ?

   Gastritis is nothing but the inflamation caused by irrosion and irritation on the lining of the stomach.
As a result you suffer nausea(vomiting tendency), vomiting, indigestion and also heart burn.

   #Remedy :-

  1. Take a glass of hot water add half tsf ajwin powder add half tsf ginger powder a little salt to taste then stirr well and consume two times daily. Surely you can get benefited.

  2. Take a hot glass of water add one tsf honey to it then add one piece ginger chopped to it then stirrer well to consume twice thrice a day.

  3. Take 2 to 3 cup probiotic yogurt three times a day.

  4. Intake at least 4 to 5 glass of hot water in a day.

  5. Habit to take morning meal early never take havy breakfast.

  6. Drink 4-5 glass red/organic tea a day.

  7. Walk atleast 45 minute a day.

  8. Avoid non-veg food at night.

  9. Drink a cup of hot milk before you go for sleaping.

  10. Sleap well for 7 hours a day.

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