Five serious problems arising from head injury

Five serious problems arising from head injury

Key point:-

  1. Five serious problems arising from head injury.
  2. Signs and symptoms of head and brain injuries.

If human body is compared to a computer then the head is certainly to be the CPU of it. Because the brain controls the whole body of human. For this reason perhaps the creator has created the brain very carefully. The brain matter is being covered by bones harder than iron. Still then life has no certainty and head may get injured at anytime and problems may arise. When the brain get injured many serious signs and symptoms may arise. Nausea, vomiting, blurred vision, headache, dizziness even loss or senses, loss of memory and unconsciousness may occur due to the injury of head and brain. So during the time of head injury one should never ignore the symptoms . There are five major issues occur during head injuries which may be life threatening.

Five serious problems arising from head injury

1. Hemorrhage :- This issue is more common during head injuries. Bleeding occur in the head is called hemorrhage. If bleeding occur in the surrounding area of the brain is called subarachnoid hemorrhage and bleeding inside the brain is called intracranial hemorrhage. Hemorrhage is a medical emergency condition, so immediate hospitalization of the injured person is very important.

2. Fracture of cranial bones :- Due to the heavy injury of head , fracture to the bones of head may occur. It is very difficult to diagnose the fracture of the bones of head, but it is an emergency to consult the doctor.

3. Hematoma :- when there is a injury to the head, many a times hematoma in the brain occur. Hematoma is a condition of collecting blood inside the brain which results in increase of intracranial pressure. This is also a medical emergency to call on a neurosurgeon.

Five serious problems arising from head injury

4. Diffuse axonal injury :- This is a critical condition which is very difficult to diagnose where injury to the brain cells lead to several serious problems. Inflammation to the brain cells due to injury need to be treated as early as possible.

5. Heavy contusion :- Heavy injury of the head and brain is called contusion . In heavy contusion inability to move hands and feet, inability to talk and even unconsciousness may develop.

All the above mentioned subjects are considered medical emergency where immediate X-ray, MRI , CT scan are needed and to be treated accordingly.

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