Causes of premature hair fall and remedies

  key points

  1. Causes of premature hair fall to be avoided !!
  2. Never do these ill practices otherwise premature hair fall will begin !

    Every person take care of his or her hair to have a beautiful bundle of hair. According to the specialists, 100 numbers of hair may fall in a day and it is normal. If it exceeds more than hundred then action should be taken. Many people use good quality hair shampoo, hair serum and best quality hair conditioner , still can’t prevent hair fall. This is due to some mistakes done by him or her.

Causes of premature hair fall and remedies

1. Many women tie hairs together by a ponytail during the time of sleep. But during the different posture of sleep , the base of some hair get pressure if the hair are being tied during the time of sleep. This is the main reason for premature hair loss in most of the cases.

2. It’s a bad habit to comb hair faster. When there arises some urgency to go somewhere, people do this mistake. Because of that the hair follicles are being injured. If someone ties hair after quick combing, the condition becomes more serious as a result premature hair falling may arise.

3. Never tie hairs just after washing hair with shampoo before drying it. If needed hair dryer to dry it if needed. Otherwise the basement of the hairs get trouble and hair fall occur.

4. Many people use to do hair straightening which is also harmful for hair. If someone does chemical and thermal hair straightening, a good care is needed to keep the straight hair healthy. For example a good quality hair conditioner, a better quality hair serum and shampoo are needed to use regularly after straightening, which are not possible for everyone. Because of that premature hair fall my occur. Moreover doing thermal straightening by inexperienced technicians , your are doing harm to the internal cells of the hair, the nutrition to the hair follicles is impaired, as a result hairs become fragile and use to fall prematurely. It’s better to apply keratin than permanent hair straightening.

Never do these ill practices otherwise premature hair fall will begin !

5. Applying chemical dye in hair is harmful which can induce premature hair fall. Applying the chemical dye color in hair causes allergic dermatitis in the scalp, as a result of it premature hair fall occur. So if someone like to use color, just apply the natural color not the chemically prepared one.

6. Hair transplantation is a new concept to increase the density of hair in modern days. It has also harmful effects on the permanent hair. The permanent hair nearby to the transplant hair get less nutrition and the permanent hairs use to fall prematurely.

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