LPG cylinder safety advises

 Key points

  1. LPG cylinder mandatory checking date.
  2. Never ignore the alphabets and numerical written in the LPG cylinder.

LPG cylinder safety advises

Now a days every one is using the LPG for the purpose of cooking . The cylinder is being supplied to households just after telephonic booking to many a customers. If you notice well, you will see some alphabets and numerical printed above and inside the body of the LPG cylinder. Many people know the secrets of these alphabets and numerical but many a lot don’t know it which are more important to aware about.

These alphabets and numerical are nothing but some safety codes of the cylinder. For example these codes are being written in some cylinder like A 21, in some B 23, C 22 or in some D 24 . The alphabet A indicates the month January, February and March ; B indicates the month April, May and June ; C indicates the month July, August and September. And the alphabet D indicates the month October, November and December. The numerical indicates the year like 2021, 2022, 2023, and 2024. These numerical and alphabets together specify the mandatory date of the cylinder to be inspected by the manufacturer. For example if it is written like B 23 , then you have to understand that the cylinder has the mandatory checking date on Jun 2023.

LPG cylinder safety advises

If you are been supplied a cylinder by the supplier which has crossed the mandatory date of inspection , you should never keep it for your use. In India the standard for preparing a cylinder is BIS 3196 for all the companies manafacturing LPG cylinders. With this standard a cylinder has the life for 15 years.

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