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  Increasing weight and obesity is the common problem for many people now a days. Regular physical exercise, controlling diet and hard work can reduce and prevent obesity and over body weight. But people are scared of time to go for physical exercise and wrong physical exercise can do harm to the body.

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So there is a simple but valuable tips to loose weight, research says. Only you can walk daily to loose body weight and obesity early. Walking is also a very good physical exercise. Before going to walk, keep several things in mind to get better control over the problem. Never forget to drink a cup of green tea before going to walk. Green tea can reduce sugar load in blood and one cup of this can burn 70 calories.

Always walk for 20 minutes three times a day if possible. This habit will make a difference in a single month. Listen soft music during walking, this will increase energy and enthusiasm and will reduce tiredness during walking. Always try to walk upward and forward, that will strengthen your body. Never take a rest or sit during 20 minutes of walking.

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