Why does a lots of trouble come to the life of human being ?

  Every one believes the existence of God in this earth. Also we believe that God loves every creature in the earth equally . Also we admit that the almighty God bless and protect us always. Then the question arises that why do a lot more problems arise in the life of human ? Why does the people suffer many troubles ? As soon as possible why the God doesn’t help people when they are in trouble ?

Why does a lots of trouble come to the life of human being ?

The former President of India , the missile man DR  APJ Abdul Kalam Azad described some scientific reason behind this. When people are in big troubles then and there also they should keep deep faith on God only not to other. Because when God sees people in trouble he does two things . 1. Either he will catch up you or 2. He will teach you how to fly. This belief should be kept in every troubles and problems. God gives the opportunity to learn and understand letting the people in trouble and provides courage to grow and develop himself better.

If your dreams and aspirations are spoilt into pieces, find some golden chance in those pieces because God may keep hiding your good luck and success in those pieces.

Why God doesn't help people in their troubles instantly ?

God is our creator who rests in our beliefs, our minds, our hearts, our souls , in our personalities and in our feelings. He is great and powerful in the earth. The prayers and worships people offer to God give people courage and strength. If people pray God for other’s well being they don’t need to pray for themselves. Keywords to remember always that God helps those people who work hard and sacrifice everything to be successful in life. Sir DR APJ Abdul Kalam Azad said those who keep faith in God and pray God always along with hard work can shine in life , they can make impossible things possible and get help from God at any time.

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