How to avoid foul smell from mouth cavity

Woman who have five bigger organs are lucky enough !!

    We all know that luck is an unseen and inborn factor , only people have to try hard to attain the goal. Every person have the wishes to be lucky and successful in his life but no-one doesn’t see his luck. Only one can imagine his luck with some special qualities and signs in him . You will get surprise to know that there are five signs in women which make them more luckier than other women. The symbolic signs are :-

Woman who have five bigger organs are lucky enough !!

1. Long neck :- Every women never possess long neck ever. Women with long neck are more lucky in this earth.

2. Long hair :- The lady with long hair bring peace, happiness and blessings to her parents, to herself and to his husband’s family. Wealth and prosperity of the family where they born or get married never go down.

3. Long nose :- women with longer nose are lucky enough. They’re intelligent enough and they look beautiful . They have the at to solve any problems with cooler brain . Though they use to expense more, they never expense it in unnecessary spaces.

Woman who have five bigger organs are lucky enough !!

4. Bigger eyes :- Women with bigger eyes look beautiful. They love and their husbands more. They and their families never suffer financial problems in them.

5. Long fingers :- The women with longer fingers are more intelligent enough too. They show brilliance in study. They never expense in unnecessary spaces  rather interested to save money and wealth. Their families sustain happy life.

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