Great thinking of great ancient legend

     In ancient India Acarya Chanakya was one among the intellectual person who was expert in politics , economics and socialism. He said some principles to his disciples to be successful in business. Those are :-

Chanakya principles to be successful in business.

1. Before starting the business one should ask three questions to himself before going to start it. These questions are why do you do it ? What is the goal and aim to do it ? What will be the result ? If he gets his answers right then and there he will start it. He should never keep in mind others failure in same field rather think more about his ability and confidence. In any work to be started , confidence matters the most. People should learn from others mistakes not doing mistakes himself because life is so short to mistakes again and again and learn from that.

2. A business owner should have honest behaviour . It can be better understood by an example that there were two shops in a small town where honey was being sold. The distance between the shops were a little one shop use to sell more honey than the other one. Acarya Chanakya noticed that the shopkeeper who sold more honey had honey in his speeches too and the other was very rough in his speeches. So the great Acarya said that wise and intelligent person always speaks gentle words.

3. There should be good will in business. In business the owner should never compromises in the quality of things sold and services provided to the customer. If the customer is satisfied he will return to your shop again and again. There may be less profits in early days of the business still the quality of the products and services to the customer should never be ignored. Few years ago Samsung Mobile company returned back all the mobile phones of galaxy 7 model from the customer and returned their money when some battery problems arise to this model . In fact battery used to burst of several phones. This nothing but the good will to their customers, because in business it’s very important to create beliefs in mind of the customer to your products and services.

4. Never disclose your business secrete to other. Acarya Chanakya quoted that always keep the secrets of business policies secret. Every person has his enemies, sometimes friends become enemies indeed. If they know your secrets, definitely they will harm to your business. All the smaller and bigger investor, all the smaller and bigger companies never share their business policies to other except a few trusted person and partner.

Chanakya principles to be successful in business.

5. Keep honesty in business but not more honesty. If a business owner shows honesty only without cleverness, some nonsense people may cause harm to his business.

6. Never give employment foolish people in business administration otherwise there will be losses of time, money and fame of your business. Before going to employ individuals should be tested of skills, punctuality, honesty and tolerances.

7. Never disclose your weekness in business to friends and partner also. Like non poisonous snake behaves like poisonous one, a business man should never show off his weakness otherwise rivals will harm to the business.

8. Always keep precaution while dealing with people in business. Acarya Chanakya said greedy person to be dealt with money, proudest people to be dealt with wisely, foolish people to be dealt with letting him to do the mistakes and intelligent person to be dealt with intelligence and sincerity. For this Acarya Chanakya quoted ,” Offer worship with that flower which the individual god get satisfied”.

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