Pepermint leaf paste cure acne, pimples, fine lines and wrinkles

 Reasons to add mint leaves in your diet !! Health benefits of mint leaves :-

Key points :- 

  1.  Nutrients present in mints leaves.
  2. Chemically active ingredients of mint leafs. 
  3. Health benefits of mint leaves.

  Usually used in tea, sauce, condiment and other cooking the mint leafs is a pleasing flavoured herb . It possesses many a medicinal value. One will get surprise if he listens the health benefits of mint leafs. Many a healthy nutrients present in mint leaves prove the benefits of mint leaves.

Benefits of mint leafs

  100 grams of this mint leaves contains :- 44 k. cal, 5.8 grams carbohydrate, 0.73 grams fats, 2.0 grams fiber, 4.8 grams protein, 83 gram water, 1.56 milligrams iron, 200 grams calcium, 0.240 mg copper, 63 mg magnesium, 1.12 mg manganese, 1.09 mg Zink, 80 mg phosphorus, 30 mg sodium, 458 mg potassium, 2700 IU vitamin A, 0.078 mg vitamin B 1, 0.175 mg vitamin B 2, 0.948 mg vitamin B 6, 0.158 mg pyridoxine and 105 microgram folate.

 Health benefits of mint leaves :-

mint leaf is benificial for cancer and piles treatment

Since ancient era this leaves been mentioned in Ayurveda to be used in many ailments as home remedies. Ayurveda says that taking mint leaves tea regularly cures bronchitis, fever, cold, headache and running nose. The reasons you must include mint leaves in your diet are :-

1. Regularly chewing and eating at least 10 mint leaves can cure pain gum, toothache, bleeding gums and pyeria.

2. Boiling 4-5 mint leaves in water and gurgling mouth can control foul smell of mouth.

3. Drinking tea of mint leaves regularly can control gastritis and increases beauty of skin also cures pimples.

4. Make a paste of mint leaves and apply in face to control pimples, fine lines wrinkle of face regularly.

Pepermint leaf paste cure acne, pimples, fine lines and wrinkles

5. Take one teaspoon of mint leaves juice with black salt to control gaseous distension of abdomen and constipation.

6. Mint leaves juice and honey are good combination to control asthma, cough and cold and fever.

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