She wants her partner to be energized mentally and physically.

7 Qualities of a boy that impress a girl to love !!

   Before falling in love and affairs with someone a girl silently observe a few qualities and behaviour of a boy. An urge to fulfill and build a sweet and lovely relationship is the habitual and natural tendency of every human whether a boy or a girl. Not only for boys and girls even the married people too like carry a healthy relationship with their partners. Basically a girl wants and loves to see some qualities of someone to whom she wants to have for her as partner.

why sould girl loves you?

  1. Girls admire and love the honesty and outspoken quality of a boy.

  Everyone knows that honesty is the best policy and girls want this in boys. She never wants her partner to lie anything. She wants her partner to discuss all his sorrow and joys to discuss with her freely.

  2. Girls wants her partner to be a good listener to her.

Girls wants her partner to be a good listener to her.

She wants heartedly that her partner knows everything of her whether a bigger or the smaller matter. If her partner listen to her in silence she differently understand that her partner cares and keep priorities to her a lot.

   3. She wants time and attention from her partner or whom she wants to love.

She loves to see her partner to be centralized over her every time in every purpose and matters. She wants to listen from her partner to be the precious things in the earth for him is only she in every deal and deeds.

  4. She wants mutual understanding from her partner.

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Girls like to make her partner understand with her indication rather saying it frankly. It may be because of her shy  to say frankly, also shy is the habitual participle of the girls. She always prefer the guys who easily understand the demand of her through her body language, movements and expressions. She likes her partner to sacrifice something for her sometimes and fulfill all her needs and demands.

  5. She wants her partner to be energized mentally and physically.

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Girls love to justify the mental strength of the guy who she would like to love along with his physical power always likely not getting tired easily and not letting mental pressure. This qualities of a boy attract the girls towards them.

  6. Girls like the guys who can keep their promises in time.

Always fullfil promises to be loved by someone

Keeping smaller and bigger promises either can conjugate a healthy relationship or may break up a healthy relationship if not fulfilled. Girls never like person who doesn’t care and fulfill his promises in time rather they want to listen ” no or I can’t do it” before if someone not able to do something.

  7. Girls like to love guys a little bit funny.

Girls love people who can make them smile. The guys with smiling face and a bit jokes attract the girls more.

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