Health benefits of cashew nuts

Reason to eat 28 gram cashew nut daily- Health benefits of cashew nuts:-

Highlighted points :-
1. Health benefits of cashew nuts.
2. Daily 3 – 4 cashew nuts intake can prevent Cancer.

3. Who should not eat cashew nuts ?

4. Cashew nuts health hazards.

5. Nutrients present in cashew nuts.

6. Cashew nuts can cause kidney failure.


  All among the nuts in the earth cashew nut is most beneficial for our health if taken in proper measurements. People have some false notion about cashew nuts as it do have higher content of fats. But it’s not like that they think about this nut. It’s said that taking four or five cashew nut in empty stomach early in the morning can be more beneficial for health. It’s proved by the healthy nutrients present in cashew nut only.

28 grams of this nut contains :- Protein – 5 gram, fats- 12 gram, carbohydrate- 9 gram, fiber- 1 gram. And this amount of nuts have 157 calories. Also it contains 67% copper, magnesium 20% , Zink 15% , phosphorus 13% , iron 11% , selenium 10% , manganese 10% , vitamin B1 (thiamine) 10% , vitamin B6 7% , vitamin B3 2.8% , vitamin K 12% , vitamin E 2% , calcium 2.3% of daily requirements of a person. The oil content of this nut is unsaturated fat called healthy fats for body .


 The health benefits of eating this nut are:-

1. Good for eyesight :- The antioxidants present in this nut support the cellular repairment of vital part of our eye called retina. Eating 28 grams of this nut daily will keep eyesight up to older age.

2. Lower the chances of heart diseases :- The healthy unsaturated fat present in cashew nut can lower the bad cholesterol of blood . Potassium present in cashew nuts maintain blood pressure and will lower the chances of cardiovascular diseases.

3. Energy booster :- The lots more minerals and vitamins present in cashew nuts supply lot of energy for day today works. This nutrients also enhances the body immunity.

4. Copper and a healthy flavonoids called proanthocyanidin present in cashew nut have the power to restrict the growth of cancer cell in human body.

5. Healthy for skin health :- Minerals and antioxidants present in cashew nuts can repair the cellular damage of skin. Taking 4 – 5 cashew nuts daily can prevent early wrinkles, fine lines of skin maintaining the skin elasticity and make the skin fresh and shiny.


6. Healthy for nerves :- Magnesium content present in cashew nuts can strengthen the neuron. Eating cashew nuts regularly delays the episodes of migraine.

7. Healthy for bones and teeth :- Phosphorus, copper, magnesium and zink present in cashew nuts strengthen the bone and teeth health. It’s very important for school going and growing children.

8. Energy booster for diabetics :- Eating 4 – 5 cashew nut daily is helpful for diabetics. It never increases the blood sugar levels as it is low glycemic index food.


9. Healthy for hair :- Premature hair fall and hair greying are always associated with dificiency of copper, iron and zink. Eating 28 gram cashew nuts daily may be helpful to overcome this two issues. Also vitamin B3 present in cashew nuts increases blood circulation in the scalpe that strengthen the hair follicles.

10. Cures Anaemia:- Taking 28 grams of cashew nuts can be helpful to cure anaemia as it is a good source of iron. Also coper content helps to increase the affinity to carry oxygen by haemoglobin. Taking cashew nuts is very helpful for pregnant and lactating mothers.

11. Control obesity :- Taking 4 – 5 cashew nuts in the morning in empty stomach can prevent obesity as it is loaded with magnesium.

Is it harmful to eat cashew nuts ?

Apart from the good health benefits some people may not be able to eat cashew nuts are:-

1. People those have experiencing allergy to cashew nuts and suffer asthma and cold should avoid it.

2. Never eat raw cashew nuts; always prefer to eat it after frying. Raw cashew nuts contains a poisonous substance urosil in their bark shell.

3. Never eat cashew nuts more preferably not to exceed 28 grams a day as cashew nuts contains higher oxalate content. So eating more may hike uric acid levels, foot sweling, constipation, peptic ulcers and even kidney failure.

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