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   Atleast 5 woman being raped in India everyday a statistic says.
In 2019 in India 1931 woman was gang raped and these were reported cases. And in 2019 atleast 5 woman was raped in average. Reported that in 2019 gang rape being increased in comparison to year 2018 .
    That is a rise of 6% anually in nation wide . But state Rajasthan has increase of 62% in rape case in last year .
In Uttar Pradesh rape case reported is 39% in last year and this is unfortunate that out of that 72% woman reported rape in custody by police, arm force official, hospital management, jail official. With just only 17% woman in total population Uttar Pradesh recorded 3182 rape case registered since 2014 till 2019.

   Rajasthan recorded 2987 cases, Madhya Pradesh and Hariyana recorded 1361, 1098 cases respectively which is a serious matter of concern.
Our woman even not safe in police station and even in hospital why ??
What are going ?? Who is responsible ???

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