When to wash the used bed cover ?

What is the best time to change the used bed sheet ?

Key points :-

  1. When to wash the used bed cover ?
  2. Diseases that occur using a dirty bed sheet.

  Many people have no idea when to clean and wash the bed cover or bed sheet once it is used. If someone says that the bed sheet is to be changed within a week, many one say it to be three four days and many one have no idea about it.

When to wash the used bed cover ?
   Like wise we need some healthy food to be healthy, we do need some healthy habits cleanliness also. Researchers say that with the habits of personal hygiene and cleaning of our atmosphere, we can stay away from many a infectious diseases.

When to wash the used bed cover ?

  The bed cover or the bed sheet we do cover our bed every time can carry many infectious viruses and bacteria as well if it is either not cleaned or washed in time. And if we use this bedsheet for longer period of time that will hurt our immune system and the lungs will be infected with several bacteria and viruses which will lead to bronchitis and asthma. Moreover acne, eczema and allergy to the skin may occur. The infections rest in the bed sheet use to get double at the end of a week if not washed or changed in  time. So it should be changed and washed within a period of three days . The best practice is washing it once in every twenty four hours.

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