Do cholesterol level increase from egg ? What do the experts say ?

   Nutritionists say that one big size egg contains 186 milligrams of cholesterol and this can increase the cholesterol level of the body. That’s why many people avoid this egg to eat.

Bad cholesterol is harmful for heart. And bad cholesterol increases the chances of heart diseases. The egg yolk is a very good source of dietary cholesterol. The cholesterol in the eggs are the vital source of phospholipids . This bioactive lipids and fats or cholesterol influence the body metabolic process. It has the good influence to the good cholesterol and HDL .

Eggs and cholesterol

Researchers say that though eggs definitely increase the cholesterol level still eggs are helpful for health. It contains lots of protein, Vitamin A, Vitamin B complexes, iron, selenium , healthy fats, calcium, phosphorus and Zink. Eggs can supply more energy to the body. Regular intake of eggs can prevent the chances of stroke and heart failure.

The Asian institute of medical sciences declared that eggs never harm our body . If someone has elevated levels blood cholesterol he should only restrict eating eggs .

The nutritionists say that an adult individual can eat two eggs in a day if his cholesterol level is otherwise normal. The antioxidant lutein and xanthine present in eggs are helpful for eye health prevent macular degeneration and cataract.

Eggs are good for eyesight

Vitamin A are loaded in eggs, so it is good for eyesight.

Omega 3 fatty acid present in eggs can control the triglycerides in blood.

High content of protein and amino acids are loaded in eggs can repair cellular damage in our body.

Many a research say that there is no relation between eating eggs and chances of heart diseases. The micronutrients and protein in eggs help us to control body weight.

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