tips to give birth a intelligent baby

  Every parents wish to have an intelligent and healthy baby for them. Though the intellectuality of a child depends on the genes carried by the child from the parents. According to the child specialist the genes a child carry from his former generation will decide the intellectual qualities of the child.

tips to give birth a intelligent baby

But a new research says that 50% intelligent quotient of a child depend on genes he carries , and 50% of it depends on the atmosphere he lives. The research also says that a better care during the period of pregnancy a pregnant mother gets is always important for the baby to develop his intelligent quotient.

Nutritional diet:- A balanced nutritious diet is necessary for a mother during her pregnancy and lactation . An important and vital substance called omega 3 fatty acid is necessary for women during the period of pregnancy for her fetus’s development of brain and intellectuality. This acid is more available in fishes, soya bean, milk, eggs , broccoli, spinach, nuts , carrot, beans, green leafy vegetables etc. That is why these foods should be taken more during the period of pregnancy and lactation.

Now a days the multinational companies use to add this omega 3 fatty acids in the form of DHA in their protein powder supplement together and the pregnant women may start eating it from the very early period of pregnancy up to the period of lactation. Iron , calcium , folic acid and vitamin D are also more important for the pregnant mother.

A mother during her pregnancy pregnancy should stay happy and calm during the period of pregnancy avoiding all the tensions and hatreds. listening good music, recitation of good poems , performing religious work are more important for a mother during her pregnancy. This habits directly carry good influence to the baby inside the uterus of her abdomen.

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A pregnant woman should always go for regular light exercises like walking. A thirty minutes walking daily increases the blood circulation of the fetus and generate neuron cell more than forty percent which in turn will definitely increase the memory power of the child.

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