Success secretes of person – 4 things to follow to be successful in life !

  Every person wishes to be successful in life so that he can carry a happy life. He cares and works harder in his career to be successful. Only a few shine it out and the other see the attachments of failure. The people who can not be successful in life they blame it to their luck. If there is no longer credibility, integrity and commitment to get succeed it’s impossible to get control over success, only the luck never carries success.

4 things to follow to be successful in life !

 So the missile man Dr APJ ABDUL KALAM AZAD the former President of India and Indian aerospace scientist said that people can’t change the luck and future of him, the only thing he can change is the habit of his, the changes in habit make changes to the life and future of him. There is no one in the earth who is successful without being dedicated, efficient and working hard also not having good vision and aim. To be successful in life one has to build up some good and strong habit in him. Because whatever a habit is developed individuals do it often. If the good things are done frequently and regularly success is scheduled in life. Here is some of the good habits the individual should follow are :-

1. Never waste the valued time. There is a short period of time in every life, so one should respect and value his valuable time of life. Never waste the time in unnecessary and useless work. If we study the life styles of all the famous personalities in the earth we see those people never wasted the time. The inventor of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg wherever he goes he wears the alike dresses of same colour and same style.

4 things to follow to be successful in life !

 He does it to save time, he purchases few same dresses together and use to wear the same so that different colours and different styles never costs his time during wearing and during selection when he wears it. He does it to save time not to save money as he is richest person if he wishes he can purchase all the companies of clothes present United Kingdom. Because he knows that if he waste time in cheap work he won’t be able to satisfy his millions of followers in social media sites.

It’s said that you may have time to rest but the time has no time for you to stay calm. That’s why one must plan for a second, for an hour, for a day , for a month and for a year then to walk forward to be successful.

2. Enthusiasm to learn everyday. To be successful in life one has to build a strong habit of learning because learning makes people intelligent. All the successful and intelligent person in the earth always learnt the new advance things and arts. The famous personalities and bigger investor Bill Gates at his 69 years of age read books for 4-5 hours daily. He reads a new book in a week. Learning needs no time, no age because the whole life is a bigger school. The famous personalities belief that if people stops learning he is no sooner than a dead body. Dr APJ Abdul Kalam Azad, Bill Gates, Warren Buffett and Swami Vivekananda said that there is no endings of learning.

4 things to follow to be successful in life !4 things to follow to be successful in life !

 Warren Buffett also studied books for 4-5 hours daily. Dr APJ Abdul Kalam Azad said that learning and education enhance the creativity and intelligence. This means that learning increases knowledge and if this knowledge being applied to work there will be success. Knowledge can be gained from books, social media and from the wise person.

3. Speak yourself daily. Speaking yourself at least for five or ten minutes in a day is important to be successful in life. Ask yourself the failure and wrong committed in a day should be asked and answer it yourself properly. If you get the proper answer of all the question then go for the next day properly learning from the mistakes done yesterday. Also if a person speaks and laugh louder himself other people may behave him as mad, no matter what people think but he will gather more knowledge and ideas from that. As if you know that people who acquire more knowledge becomes intelligent and the intelligence shines always.

4. Do more and speak less. It’s said that at first set your aim and goals of life then to work over it attentively with greater dedication but silently. Never speak your plane of work before the work is being accomplished. If you do the work successfully people will know automatically about your fame. Also if you inform your work plan before you do it, people will start commenting some unnecessary and misleading advices which in turn will confuse in your planning. Also some p0isonous people may do harm to your plans.

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