1. The risks factors for liver disease.
  2. Eight types of super foods for liver.


7. Fresh Turmeric juice :- It reduces liver inflammation. Drinking half teaspoonful of fresh turmeric juice in empty stomach daily will enhance bile secretion

Liver is one of the vital part of the body, life doesn’t exist in absence of it. The food we consume from very morning to night are digested by the liver secretions along with the digestive enzymes secreted by the intestines where the liver plays the vital role. The immunity of individuals sustains in healthy liver function. The liver health always depend on the foods a person consume and life style of him. There are some unhealthy lifestyle that directly trouble the liver and harms it’s normal activities.

The risks factors for liver disease :-

5 reason for liver diseases

1. Lack of physical activities :- If an individual never perform at least 35 , minutes of physical activities or exercises then it’s a bad news for his liver. What else an individual consumes daily he should metabolize it by some activities otherwise excess and unused food components in blood will be stored in liver which is called fatty liver. This fatty liver is graded from one to three and finally Cirrhosis liver develops . Cirrhosis liver is an irreversible phenomenon and very hard to treat it.

2. Sugar and white flour. These are the two slow poison , if consumed many a disease process may develop in human along with liver diseases. Sugar and food added with sugar develop fatty liver. Like that the refined white flour contains limited nutritional value only being loaded with carbohydrates which in turn deposit fats in liver. That’s why it better to switch off eating this refined flour and start eating red flour.

3. Pain killer medicines . Any pain killer drugs or medicines are harmful for liver. Also the medicines prescribed by doctors for cholesterol and long term use of Paracetamol are also harmful if been consumed for long time.

4. Excessive consumption of fatty foods. Fats are enemy for liver. Oils and fats that we consume regularly if not metabolized would be stored in liver that again will turn to fatty liver. So it is proved universally that food chart should contain more green leafy vegetables and fruits, moderate rice and protein and a little oils and fats.

5. Infection to the liver by some viruses. Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C are the viruses which directly infect the liver and these are communicable.

6. Consumption of alcohol :- Excessive use of alcohol develop fatty liver within few years and this turns into Cirrhosis liver which is incurable.

8 super foods that keep liver healthy :-

1. Green leafy vegetables :- Spinach, mustard leaves, Methi leaves are friendly for liver. These contains less fats, more fiber and minerals and antioxidants and vitamins keep liver healthy.

2. Green tea :- Regularly drinking 2 – 3 cups of green tea protect the liver from the harmful free radicals. It prevents the oxidative stress and removes the free radicals.

3. Beet :- It contains more fiber , antioxidants and minerals thereby it’s a true friend for liver. Vitamin A, Vitamin B 6, Vitamin C , iron and many healthy minerals are loaded in beets. It prevents liver from toxins, remove free radicals and prevents liver information .

4. Bitter gourd :- Bitter gourd is a good food to protect liver. Bitter gourd have the power to purify the liver and can enhance the secretions of liver enzymes. It can decrease the load of alcohol in liver.

5. Garlic :- The antioxidant selenium present in garlic can purify liver from harmful toxins and free radicals and increases the secretions of enzymes.

6. Fatty fishes :-

fatty fish is good for liver

All the fishes rich in fats are healthy for liver. Healthy fats omega 3 fatty acid otherwise a good antioxidant is available in fishes . It’s a type of unsaturated fat which diminish the unhealthy saturated fats in liver there by reducing fatty liver.

7. Fresh Turmeric juice :- It reduces liver inflammation. Drinking half teaspoonful of fresh turmeric juice in empty stomach daily will enhance bile secretion from liver and repair cellular damage of liver.

8. Walnuts :- Omega 3 fatty acid, amino acids named as glutathione and arginine are loaded in walnut . Poisonous ammonia is been excreted from liver if walnut is consumed regularly.

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