Toxicity of Dumb Canes tree

Toxicity of Dumb Canes tree – Is it is harmful for your child ?

Dumb Cane tree can enhance beauty of your house but it is harmful for your child !

Toxicity of Dumb Canes tree


Many gentlemen have the habit to keep many trees in their rooms irrespective of bedroom, dining room or drawing room either. Also for beautification of the home surrounding many trees been planted as the hobbies of different individuals. But some people never know some harmful effects of some plants which contains some poisonous active compounds within them. Here is a tree most commonly planted in household, kept inside the drawing room even in bedroom for beauty and as air purifier of interior room . Also this plant require minimum care and less sunlight to survive and absorb more Carbon di oxide releasing a bulk of oxygen along with synonyms of more beautiful to look . On above these much advantages still it is risky enough to have it inside your house and the surrounding areas of your home. It’s really harmful for your child and pet animals if they either ingest or swallow the leaf of it.

Toxicity of Dumb Canes tree

Here is the toxic plant named Dumb Canes scientifically rather botanically know as Dieffenbachia poisoning . Leaves are dark green also named locally to be the “tongue of mother in law”.

The reason for keeping this tree out of the reach of the children and pets is that this plant contains chemically active substances called need needle shaped oxalate crystal or oxalic acid and a plant protein asparagines . These substances are located in leaf, branches and roots of the tree also.


The leaf or the other parts of the tree if swallowed there will be loss of senses of the tongue at first leading to loss of voice finally. But this is temporary and lasts few hours. But the symptoms are prolonged in child and minors. The same things happen in pets also if they swallow it. So this plants rather be avoided because there are several other plants to be planted for beautification of your home.

Toxicity of Dumb Canes tree

The harmful effects of this plant if ingested are :-

1. Formation of blisters and swelling inside the oral cavity and tongue.
2. Burning sensation inside oral cavity.
3. Nausea and vomiting.
4.  Cracking voice.
5. Difficulty to swallow good.
6. If this leaves come in to contact with eyes there will be pain and swelling in eye furthermore cornea may be lost.
7. If this leaves come in to contact with skin there will be redness and itching of skin.

If this is ingested by child there may be vomiting, loose motions and difficulty in breathing.

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