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Seven foods that are harmful to cook again and again :-

Some foods become harmful for your health if you don’t take some precautions. Many people have the habit to keep the residual food for the next meal. Also many people cook at once for the whole day to save time the use to eat in every feeding hours after heating it. This habit develop because of their laziness or if someone stay away from family members.

healthy LIFE STYLE

But it is said many a times by the food experts that cooking and eating fresh is the best policy of food. If not possible to eat fresh you have to store the cooked foods in between 2 – 5 degree centigrade in refrigerator after well covered the container where foods going to be stored. Then before eating it you have to boil it again at least up to 75 degree centigrade again. Applying this technique one can take stored food heating twice and thrice with out any health issues. This technique applies for all food. The NHS for food safety says that you can store and eat foods for only two days not beyond that by this technique.

But if you are storing food outside the refrigerator it will be harmful for your health eating it after heating again and again. There are several types of prepared foods you can not store outside the refrigerator and heat again before eating.

1. Rice :- Bacillus cereus bacteria develops soon after preparation of rice. And this bacteria increases its spores early.

Rice should be preapared and eat fresh and should not heat again and again after cooking

This spores can tolerate excessive heat also not the cold . If this rice being heated again the spores become double as they are heat friendly that may disturb the good intestinal flora causing diarrhea and dysentery. Many a specialists of food safety department says if this rice is kept in microwave after cooking then you will be able to heat and eat it.

2. Eggs :- According to advise of FDA , eggs and foods prepared with food should not be kept in air and room temperature for use later.

Egg should not be heated again after cooking once otherwise protien content will be lost

 Also if kept for later use it should not be cooked and heat again because heating this food will be infected by Salmonella variety of bacteria. If it happens this food will harm you and after eating it typhoid fever may occur. More interestingly if egg is boiled twice the nitrogen content of it will be oxidized which may be a risk factors for Cancer. So the nutrition specialist always advices eggs to eat just after boiling or frying it.

3. Chicken Curry :-

Heating cooked chicken again and again is harmful for health

  Chicken flesh is loaded with protein content. The protein of chicken is denatured if cooked again and again that will lead to dyspepsia.

4. Potato Curry :- Potato is loaded with many a healthy nutrients ; if it is being cooked again and again these nutrients loses its efficacy.

Potato curry should be eaten fresh after cooking othewise it is harmful for health

 Also if you keep potato Curry in room temperature more bacteria infect this easily and quickly and this bacteria never dye after heating as a result food poisoning may occur.


5. Tea :- we all know that tea contains Tannic acid so only if tea is heated again after once prepared will cause damage to the liver.

5. Spinach :- Many research proved that boiling Spinach curry again after cooking once then eating may increase the chances of Cancers. Because the nitrates present in spinach transform into nitrosamine and this component is harmful for health and may cause Cancer.

6. Mushroom :- Mushroom Curry kept in room temperature may be more harmful because the enzyme present itself in mushroom and bacteria from environment together damage the protein part of mushroom. Also if it is boiled again after keeping it in room temperature and eaten may destroy the good bacteria of our intestine.

7. Carrots and beet curry :-The curry contains beets and carrots should not be kept in room temperature and then eating it after re heating .

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