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  1. Love marriage Vs arrange marriage – A debate

   There are many controversies between love marriage and arrange marriage whether the earlier is better or the later is best. Marriage builds up a relationship between two families which brings mutual understanding , affection , love and respect in between the members of the two families. For this important reasons, many people don’t like to abide the love marriage and believe in arrange marriage.

love marriage Vs arrange marriage which is better ?

Social attachment is more in social or arrange marriage. With the satisfaction of all the members of the two families, in arrange marriage the whole members of a family easily welcome the new member after marriage. The members of the two families easily understand the culture, discipline, social harmony of the two families easily. For that reasons perhaps the arrange marriage is better than love marriage.

Individuals understanding, respect and honor prevail more in social or arrange marriage. In arrange marriage, not only the response and respect of the two members associated but also there is association of respect of the whole family members. Though there is association of love and respect in love marriage , whenever family problems arise there comes disturbance in between the bridegroom also and that brings distance in the relationship.

love marriage Vs arrange marriage which is better ?

Family bonding is more in social or arrange marriage but in love marriage the bonding limited to the two individuals.

In love marriage there seen more expectations among the bridegroom which is likely lesser in arrange marriage. Because of more expectations the bridegroom use to fight each other in minor issues and smaller things.

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