Main causes of heart diseases

  Heart diseases are common in the society now a days. Researchers have mentioned that people are calling heart diseases themselves now a days.

Heart diseases are not a new concept , it’s occurred in human from the time of ancient days. Human sober habits and sedentary lifestyles are the main reason for increasing chances heart diseases. Now a days people never go for exercise due to the busy work schedule of the day. And many more couldn’t get it due to their laziness. Due to lack of exercise the body use to get extra fats in some of the vital organs like liver, cardiovascular system and the abdomen thereby increasing the body weight and BMI of the individual. These phenomenon in turn can cause heart diseases and other illnesses too. That’s why at least 35 minutes of regular exercise or walking is important to burn the extra calories we consume.

Principle cause of heart diseases

Any types of tobacco products either chewing or smocking are harmful for health. People never avoid this even after knowing it’s health hazards. Smocking not only damage the lungs but also harmful for the heart. Carbon monoxide and nicotine content of tobacco directly suppress the the heart health.

People suffer from mental stress in both office and home. Many diseases are related directly with this mental stress. Among all the diseases heart diseases are common in person having vigorous mental stress. So it is very important to be free from mental stress all the time. Meditation is helpful to overcome mental stress.

Junk food and fried foods are one of the causes of increasing heart diseases.

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