Tips to control hypertension in winter

Ten super foods to control hypertension – Common causes of Hypertension

Key points :-

  1. Seven risk factors for high blood pressure.
  2. Ten super foods to control high blood pressure.

Ten super foods to control high blood pressure

  Hypertension is a disease like a slow poison which directly affect the physical and mental health of individual. This disease never do anything harm on the early onset but as time progresses it goes on doing harm in the body like the slow poison. So only it is termed as silent killer disease. This disease is directly related to the life styles of the individual and the risk factors for it are :-

1. Body overweight and obesity.
2. Inherent from parents. More likely to suffer hypertension if someone has the family history of hypertension.
3. Unhealthy food habits like excessive consumption of alcohol, fatty foods, sugar, salt, foods fried in oils, cigarette smocking chewing tobacco etc.
4. Sedentary lifestyles like not performing any physical activities or exercise at least 35 minutes in a day.
5. Tensions and mental stress.
6. Sleeping less than seven to eight hours in a day.
7. Growing age. People’s advancing age may be the risk factor for hypertension as hypertension occur less in early days of life.

10 types of super foods to control hypertension :-

Ten super foods to control high blood pressure

Along with the drugs and medicines prescribed by the doctor on should add some good foods in his diet to control the disease smoothly . Also the risks factors should be avoided. The foods are :-

1. Spinach :- Potassium is loaded in spinach which can decrease the sodium chloride load in kidney as a result blood pressure decreases. Moreover other vitamins and minerals present in spinach can check the hypertension shoots.

2. Garlic :- Garlic is a better choice for the person suffering from hypertension. It can reduce the cholesterol load in blood vessels. Also the sulfur compound called allicin present in garlic helpful for controlling blood pressure.

3. Fishes :-

Ten super foods to control high blood pressure

 An antioxidant Omega 3 fatty acid is available in fatty fishes which is the unsaturated fats called healthy fats for life can diminishes the unhealthy fat from blood , blood vessels, coronary artery and from liver , there by helping to control blood pressure.

4. Seeds and the nuts :- Peanut, Kaju , walnuts , sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds etc.  are loaded with magnesium which can prevent formation of plugs of cholesterol in blood vessels there by lower the blood pressure.
5. Ridge gourd :- It’s loaded with vitamin A, vitamin C, Iron , potassium and magnesium which have the potential to keep control hypertension.

6. Orange :- Vitamin C, potassium and a flavonoids called hesperidin present in orange have the potential to control hypertension.

7. legumes and lentils :- Lots of minerals, Protein and low fat food the lentils and legumes are. The fats present in these these foods are unsaturated and these food have the potential to control hypertension.

8. Banana :- Higher quality of potassium is loaded in banana for which regular consumption of banana can control the shoots of hypertension.

9. Potato :- High content of potassium is present in potato. Though potatoes are bad for diabetics due to higher quantities of starches present in it is a healthy diet for people suffering hypertension.
10. Dry dates :- Potassium, magnesium, iron, vitamin B 6 and higher amount of fiber present in dates, that is why it’s a great choice for people suffering from hypertension.

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