Why does a lots of trouble come to the life of human being ?

Do these five things always in the morning you will succeed in life ! – APJ Abdul Kalam Azad

5 life changing things to remember in the morning

Legendary scientist, missile man the former president of India Dr Abul Pakir Jainal Abedin Abdul Kalam Azad said a great sentence that no one can change his future himself but he definitely can change his habits and the changes in habit can change indirectly the future of the individual. Sir Kalam advised every individual to practice five important sentences to say or feel himself in the morning just after bed . These five sentences will bring indefinite changes to life which will directly help to get surprise success to the life of any individual. Every one know that sir Kalam was born in very poor family but with lots of effort and hard work he could become successful to the level of extremity. He became the missile man of India , fulfilling his dream to be nuclear scientist , developed ballistic missile and launch vehicle technology, leaded nuclear test Pokhran ।। in 1998 and then became the president of secular India which perhaps his parents never thought about it in his childhood.

The five things that Kalam sir advised are :-

5 thing you remember early in the morning to get success in life - ABDUL KALAM AZAD .

1. Wake up early in the morning take a deep breath and say yourself that you are the best among all and there is no one better than you. By this variable quote Kalam wanted to explain that individual spirits and deeds depend on his feelings and thoughts. If a person feels and thinks himself to be better everyday he will always try to do something better. Whatever a person thinks and feels his mind likes to believe that and if he feels and thinks better his mind will always believe better and will wish to do something better always.

  2. Wake up early from bed then taking a deeper breath after uttering the first sentence every person should say himself that “I can do it”. Every individual in this earth has got some dreams but only 10% person are able to fulfill it. Every failure of people are directly related to his confidence. The lack of confidence or ill confidence compel people to fail but a stronger confidence level help any person to succeed whatever may be the level of hardness in a particular purpose. History says all the successful people on this earth born like the common people but their thoughts and confidence level were indifferent. Dhiru Bhai Ambani, Ratan Tata, Mark Zuckerberg never born from other planets ; if they could sign why not the other individuals be able to succeed. If an individual keep confidence in himself that he can do what he wants there is no other reason for failure.

3. Think that your God is blessing you always. People think that his God is not blessings him, not in his favor when he is in trouble without justifying his own efforts for success. It is better to mention that God blesses you always, do everything for your better. God may keep you in sorrows today for your better tomorrow. Remember that lights come after darkness ; days come after night likely happiness follow sorrows.

  4. Think yourself to be winner just after awaking up in the morning. Problem will always sustain, goods and beds , win and defeat will always be there as these are the rule of the nature. Many person loss hopes in just one failure which is the character of a coward. If you win after doing hard labour in a day , credit will go to you only and if you fail then and there also you have to oblige it yourself. Every individual carries the qualities of winning, the reason is that he should feel like winner, think like winner and work like winner to be successful in life.

   5. Think that “Today is my day “. Success never come in every single days ; if it’s true then will someone do his work without any effort ? No ! in every single day forgetting the previous failure one should start the new project or work that he can do it and should keep confidence over that.

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