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Intelligent people never disclose this 4 things to other !!- Acharya Chanakya

4 things you never disclose to other !! Acharya Chanakya quotes

  The intellectual person have some special qualities amongst them that is why they become intelligent. Acarya Chanakya explained that some words and some facts you should never discuss and disclose to anyone other wise you will have to pay pain for it. Here some of his quotes that explain that people should avoid disclosing some valuable information and facts to others for their own safety.

Intelligent people never disclose this 4 things to other !!

1. Never disclose your losses in your business.

 According to the ancient legend Acarya Chanakya no one should disclose his losses to other. If you disclose your losses to other they definitely show sympathy and sorrow in front of you but as soon as you leave them they will cut jokes and feel funny rather coming to help you. Also many a person will feel happy to see you in loss. So tell it just to your keen and special person who definitely will help you in your pain not to everyone.

2. Never disclose your poverty to other.


Intelligent people never disclose this 4 things to other !!
As Chanakya explained that there is no respect for the poor in this world ; exposing your poverty to other is nothing more than losing your dignity and respect. That’s why keep your poverty inside you and work hard to overcome it silently. Because efforts brings the success, even you can change your luck with efforts and dedication.

3. Never spoke about your personal problems to other.

Intelligent people never disclose this 4 things to other !!

 It better to avoid disclosing your personal sorrow and pains to other except you loved one who cares for it otherwise problem becomes more complicated. There some individuals who ever like to sing the problems and sorrows of others. And they feel pleasure doing that, indirectly destroying your image in the society. Also you never disclose about ill character of your wife to other.

4. Never disclose about the insult and assault you get to other.

  Acarya Chanakya explained if you do that it is not less than losing your dignity and respect in the society. Because the person whom you told the matter, you never know that he will not going to publish it everywhere. If happens that will decrease your confidence.

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