How to overcome calcium dificiency ? Foods that contain more calcium ?



  1. How to overcome calcium dificiency ?
  2. What are the signs and symptoms of calcium dificiency ?
  3. Foods that contain more calcium ?
  4. What are the health hazards of excessive calcium intake ?
  5. Daily requirements of Calcium according to age ?
  6. When does Calcium dificiency happen ?

major health benifits of calcium rich food

  Calcium is one of the major mineral necessary for human health. It’s the major mineral that is needed for for bones and teeth. The calcium absorbed from our daily food intake in the body is mostly about 99% of it is utilised by bones and teeth only and rest 1% is utilised for better connectivity of brain and other parts of body, heart activities and muscle contraction and relaxation. This valued minarel is easily found in our daily food naturally. Above this minarel we need Vitamin D for better synthesis of calcium. Vitamin D is found in sunlight and in some food like eggs and oil parts of fishes.

Foods containing more Calcium :-

health benifits of calcium

 Curd, milk, soya milk, berley, maize, green leafy vegetables like spinach, mustard leaves, broccoli ; sweet potato, tomato, carrots, couliflower, nuts and seeds, grains, coconut, dates, orange .

Daily requirements of Calcium :-

0 – 6 month of age :- 200 mgs
7 – 12 months of age :- 260 mgs
1- 3 years of age :- 700 mgs
4 – 8 years of age. :- 1000 mgs
9 – 18 years of age :- 1300 mgs
19 – 50 years of age :- 1000 mgs
51 – 70 years of age. :- 1000 mgs
( For male)
51 – 71 years of age :- 1300 mgs
71 years and above :- 1300 mgs
For pregnant and lactating mothers the daily needs of Calcium is 1000 – 1300 mgs.

Needs of Calcium in human body :-

daily need of calcium accoding to age

Calcium is necessary for various body building activities in human body.

1. Bones health :- Bones and teeth of human body cells contains 99% of Calcium. Development, growth and nutrition of bones and teeth are maintained by Calcium. For strengthening bones of growing children and to control the bone losses in old age Calcium plays the vital role.

2. Control muscle contraction :- When the neuron stimulate any muscle at that time calcium been released then this Calcium help the muscles protein to contract and when this Calcium comes out from muscle the relaxation of muscle happen.

3. Cares heart and vascular system :- Calcium takes necessary action of relaxation of the heart and the vascular system. Also Calcium helps in blood coagulation process.

When does Calcium dificiency happen ?

There are lots of reasons of Calcium dificiency.
1. Lack of Calcium in food.
2. Vomiting, loss of appetite or irregular food habits.
3. More intake of Magnesium containing drug. Eg. Antacid.
4. Regular intake of purgative and luxative drug.
5. During chemotherapy of cancer, longer use of corticosteroid drugs
6. More intake of alcohol, caffeine, sodium bicarbonate.
7. During disease like kidney failure, Vitamin D dificiency, dificiency of phosphate ‌, pancreatitis etc.

Signs symptoms of calcium dificiency :-


People never see any symptoms during early days of Calcium dificiency but as time progresses the following signs and symptoms may be seen.

1. Loss of memory and confusion.
2. Muscle pain and muscle spasm.
3. Tingling sensation in legs, arms and face.
4. Mental tension.
5. Delirium.
6. Brittle nails.
7. Fracure of bones in a simple fall and injury.
8. Weekness of hairs.
9. Loss of skin luster.
10. Seizure like symptoms etc.

Calcium hazards :-

It’s a worse habit to buy and take Calcium tablet and liquid over the counter. If you see any signs dificiency first call on your doctor and he will decide your necessity and doses. Because more intake of this minarel may lead you to some problems like :-
1 Kidney stones and other kidney diseases.
2. Constipation.
3. Calcification of arteries and veins.
4. Inhibit Iron absorption.
5. Chances of heart failure.

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