Tips to control hypertension in winter

Hypertension shoots up in winter ! – Remedies.

key points:- 

  1. Why hypertension shoots in winter days ?
  2. How to control hypertension in winter days ?

In the winter months the symptoms of some chronic diseases shoot up. Decrease in body immunity, pain in joints and muscles, COPD and asthma , peptic ulcer synonyms, gastritis and hypertension shoot up in the winter months. Why the symptoms of hypertension increases with the decrease of atmospheric temperature in winter ? What are the reason ?

Tips to control hypertension in winter

With the decrease in atmospheric temperature in winter months, the blood circulating arteries and capillaries of human body use to contract more. Also there is happening some automatic mechanism in the body to control the bodily heat by human body. Laziness, lack of exercise in winter bring obesity which in turn increases the blood pressure. Symptoms are more among the people over the age of seventy years. During the winter months if any troubleshooting symptoms develop in the body, it is an urgency to call on a doctor. Moreover some good practices may be helpful to overcome the shoots of hypertension in winter months.

1. Healthy food habits :- Non fatty diet , more green leafy vegetables, winter fruits are to be added in diet in this winter months.

2. Restriction to more drinking of coffee. Hypertensive people should never drink more coffee rather to restrict it up to two cups a day.

3. Healthy lifestyle :- Those who work out for exercises regularly should be aware in winter days. It is better to restrict outdoor exercises. Outdoor exercises in winter can cause difference in the average temperature between the atmosphere and the body, as a result of which heart failure may occur in hypertensive people.

Hypertension shoots up in winter ! - Remedies.
4. In winter months people use to wear thick clothes to avoid cold, but people with hypertension should wear multiple thin clothes instead of on thick cloth.

5. Many people use to drink wine believing that wine can keep the body worm. In the contrary, intake of alcohol cause dehydration as a result alcohol can bring more chill to the body. Moreover intake of excessive alcohol in winter can cause more contractions of arteries and capillaries, as result shoots of hypertension may occur.

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