Why does we have to choose a good oil to cook food ?

key points :-

  1. Which is the best oil for cooking ?
  2. Why does we have to choose a good oil to cook food ?

   Different types of oils are used in the world for cooking. Among those which oil is best for cooking ? All the oils are not ideal for every cooking also. Here are the advantages and harmful effects of some oils.

Why does we have to choose a good oil to cook food ?

1. Olive oil :- Always keep in mind that good oils may not be sometime ideal for cooking. A lots of calories are present in olive oil, so it is better not to cook with olive oil exclusively. Usually olive oil is used for its better taste and  smell . Olive oil is rich in vitamin E and antioxidants

The smocked point of olive oil is 350° F ( 176°C ) and this is the common cooking temperature of many recipes and baked goods. This oil can be used for baking  and cold dressing.

2. Soya bean oil :- One of the popular oil for cooking is soya bean oil. It is good to cook frying foods.

3) Coconut oil :- It’s a different types of oil for cooking foodstuffs. It is contemporary to butter, you can say. Coconut oil can decrease the chances of heart diseases . It’s a good oil for preparing curries and breakfasts.

Refined coconut oil smoke point is of 204°F and non refined coconut oil smoke point is 177° F.

4) Palm oil :- when foods needed to cook in high temperature, use of palm oil is the first choice. Palm oil is best oil for deep frying. Because the smoke point of palm oil is 450°F .

5) Avocado oil :- This is a neutral oil and qualities are similar to olive oil. The smoke point of Avocado oil is 520 ° F ( 271° C ) . This oil can lower blood pressure, LDL ( bad cholesterol ) , triglycerides . This oil also contains heart friendly fat named as oleic acid.

6. Sesame oil :- This oil contains heart friendly antioxidants sesamol and sesaminol which have neuro protective benefits and very useful for diseases like Parkinson’s. Sesame oil smoke point is 510°F ( 265° C ) . It has low content of saturated fats and high percentage of un saturated fats.

Why does we have to choose a good oil to cook food ?

6 Mustered oil :- Mustered oil is not safe as cooking oil. Mustered oil may cause serious health issues as it contains higher level of erucic acid. In 2016 FDA has issued warning that this oil is not been safe to cook because of its erucic acid cont. The smoke point of mastered oil is 249° C ( 480 ° F ) .

Why does we have to choose a good oil to cook food ?

When oils are heated for cooking at higher temperatures and heat, oil reaches its smoke point. At the smoke point, the oil is not safe and begin to break down , then begin to oxidize and certainly release free radicles . This may be harmful for health if consumed.

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