Curd as a superfood !! Health benefits of eating curd daily !! 7 Benitits of curd that will convince you to eat it daily


Highlighted points :- 
1) 7 Reasons you must include curd in your daily diet.
2) Who should not eat curd ?

3) Healthy ingredients in curd.

   For lots of health benefits curd is significantly called as superfood. It’s use is of more than 4500 years on this earth. Partial chemical changes in milk that turn it into semisolid is called curd has a lots of health benefits. It’s not only healthy a food but also it can add beauty to skin and hair. Dietitian and nutritionist always advise to have some curd at supper or breakfast. Fresh curd contains lots of nutrients, vitamins and it is lower in fats and luster than fresh milk.

Important ingredients present in 100 grams of curds are :- Fats – 4.3 gram ; Carbohydrate – 3.4 grams ; Cholesterol – 17 mg ; Sodium – 364 microgram; Potassium – 104 mg . And this 100 gram curd possess 98 calories. Moreover curd contains Vitamin A, Vitamin D, Vitamin B 12, Vitamin C, Calcium, Lectic acid, Magnesium and lots of gut friendly lactobacillus bacteria.

Health benefits of curd are :-

1. Curd increases appetite. The gut friendly lactobacillus bacteria present in curd keep the intestinal flora updated and restore appetite.

2. Curd increases immunity. Eating a bowl or curd daily supplies minerals, vitamins and lactobacillus to our health which increases immunity. Immunity keep people healthy.

3. Curd is significantly beneficial for heart health. Taking one bowl of curd prevent the secretion of cortisol hormone in brain and prevent deposition of cholesterol in blood vessels and coronary artery that will directly prevent heart diseases.


4. Curd can Prevents mental depression. Eating a bowl of curd daily keep mental pressure and tension free.

5. Curd is healthy for skin and hair. Eating a bowl of curd keep skin and hair healthy. It prevents wrinkles and fine lines in face toning the elasticity of skin as it’s a good source of vitamin C and vitamin E. Also washing hair with curd and black pepper powder prevents dandruff and seborrhea scalp. Eating curd daily prevents premature hair fall and greying.

6. Curd can prevent Cancer. Eating a bowl of curd prevent growing of cancer cell as it contains lots of minerals and antioxidants.

7. Curd prevents dysentery and diarrhea. Lactobacillus bacteria present in curd can maintain a healthy gut flora thereby preventing diarrhea and dysentery.

Who should not eat curd ?

Avoid eating curd during fever. Also people suffering from sinusitis, hemorrhage disorder and allergy to curd should avoid eating it. Also never eat curd with white sugar as sugar decreases the benefits of curd.

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