Doctor prescribes 1 or 2 drugs to control diabetes along with you folllow these 10 advises to win over diabetes :-


10 golden rule to control diabetis

Usually people not aware of the guidelines for diabetics to follow rather they use to be dependent on medicine only. The treatment of diabetes is a life long process , the war and fight against diabetes is to be life long; it never cures by a single course of medicine. So  along with medication one has to abide by or follow some golden rules every day. So that one newly detected diabetic people can escape from taking higher doses of medicine and diabetic complications and run the life without threatened issues like diabetic gastroparesis, diabetic retinopathy, coronary heart diseases, diabetic foot ulcers, diabetes induced renal failure and many a more. The golden rules are :-

1. Self monitoring blood glucose/sugar is important. For that he should have one glucometer purchased and learn the simple technique to handle to test the sugar level. He should think the glucometer as his companion. He should measure the glucose level three days in a weak in empty stomach morning and after 1 hour 45 minutes later after a heavy meal and before dinner then record in a paper. This process should be practiced twice in a month, it’s up to him whether he chooses the first and third week or second and last week. This self monitoring of blood glucose helps your doctor to adjust your drug doses.

2. Always aware of hypoglycemia :- you always learn the meaning of the word hypoglycemia. It’s the condition when the blood glucose level suddenly falls below normal level. This condition happens more with the person diagnosed diabetes newly. When it happens palpitations, excessive sweating, dizziness, dryness tongue, felling drowsy or unconsciousness may occur. Many diabetic person misjudge this symptoms to be triggering of hypertension and take another pill of hypertension. So if a glucometer stay with you , you can test earliest and do the necessary action. And if sugar level falls below 80 mg/dl then never delay to take 15 gram of white sugar dissolved in water or 15 ml honey. If not available then take 3 – 4 chocolates also. Then check the sugar after 30 minutes if sugar level rises up its ok if sugar level remains same the repeat another 15 gram sugar again then test it after 30 minutes again and if not corrected the call on your doctor because hypoglycemia may sometimes be life threatening.

3) Never fasts more than 4 hours if you’re newly detected diabetic person and regularly taking one or two tablets of diabetis. Take some light food or tea, coffee in the interval of four hours otherwise chances of hypoglycemia may arise. Also this four hours feeding formula will reduce your hunger and tendency to eat more during main meal which indirectly will help you to control Sugar level.

4) Never go for heavy exercises on fasting this also increases the chances to occur hypoglycemia.

5) Never go for fasting if you’re newly detected person of diabetes if taking few medicines otherwise chances of hypoglycemia may arise.

6) Diet chart should be followed. People usually take three heavy meal in a day but the diabetic person taking medicine should divide his meal into four light meal in a day where breakfast should be filled of high protein, moderate carbohydrate, less fats and fruits.

7) Say no to white sugar and white flour. Always take red flour. White flour don’t have enough nutritional value as it is refined. Also it’s called the glue of the gut as it causes constipation. Always remember that a diabetic person should effort to clear the gut.

8) Say no to smocking and drinking alcohol :- A newly diabetic person should avoid this two habit on the day of diagnosed diabetes. Diabetes and smocking is a killer combination which hazards the heart severely.

9) Never forget to test your blood cholesterol level, lipid profile level, uric acid levels and blood urea, creatinine levels once in six months. Also one ECG to be done once in a year. This tests will aware you the status of your body vital organs kidney and heart as high blood sugar levels directly easily affect this two organ first the the other organs to follow.

10) Never go for sleeplessness and avoid tension :- lack of proper sleep may increase the secretion of cortisol hormone in brain resulting cellular inflammation which becomes a problem to control diabetes. Daily 7-8 hours proper sleep itself control blood glucose to some extend. Likely tension, problem etc. hike the sugar level in diabetic people.

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